Welcome to prokonomy


Prokonomy is a project of a team of some creative people who love to innovate ICT based product or service that create a positive value in our society. It is an online service platform that is initiated & managed by highly experienced information technology professionals. The initial urge of the Prokonomy founders was to create value in socio economic eco system using digital platform that drive to formulate the Prokonomy platform.

prokonomy is an online sourcing platform allows B2B procurement solutions. Sourcing & Purchasing is not an art & cannot be crafted by talent, it is real hard job of knowing product, suppliers & buyer's information that practically updating in every second. Human brain & life style cannot permit to do that hard job efficiently, it required tool like prokonomy which update data real time basis provide analysis and bridging between stakeholders. With prokonomy sourcing & purchasing become an art, crafted value to the organization.

prokonomy is enriching data continuously, everyday more buyers and suppliers joining in to the platform adding more & more inventory. prokonomy optimize buyer requirement, matching with supplier and guide to happy business deal. The feathers of PROKOMONY.